What’s Your Superpower?
Have you been on autopilot for a while and lost touch with your purpose? Or did you take a wrong turn and feel a bit lost? If so, it is likely that you are not particularly happy or fulfilled. No worries though, because every step you take in life, even in the “wrong” direction, can give you clues about your purpose and true path. Even mild depression, anxiety, and discontent can all be signposts pointing you to a new direction. If you feel like you are in a rut, chances are that you are ready to claim your superpowers and find your true purpose.

Charlie is a front entrance gate guard whose smiling eyes greet each person as they enter. I notice something changes for me when I am lucky enough to be welcomed by him. His kind smile lifts my spirits and alters my outlook in an undeniable way. It strikes me that he is clear about his impact and he fully participates in his life purpose… to shed light and joy to otherwise cloudy hearts. It is clearly his superpower.

Susan is winding down on her busy years as mother to four kids, and searching high and low for her life’s next chapter. She already has a masters degree and thought she might just try her hand at law school so she could help the financially less fortunate to have legal representation. Such a worthy plan, but her real gift has always been to bring people together for significant mutual personal or professional purposes. She is at her best as a bridge and a catalyst. Not surprisingly, she found that studying law, as interesting as it was, left her feeling out of sorts instead of in her element. For a while she was pretty down, but as luck would have it, through good friends she fell into an opportunity to connect people with their ideal homes. With her background in business and design along with her superpower of connecting people to what they want and need, she found her element. And of course, she got her real estate license in record time, because her other superpower is that when she puts her mind to something, it gets done.

Its easy for me to see what other people’s superpowers are. That’s my superpower. I believe that it is each of our life’s mission to discover our gifts and strengths and to let them lead us to our true purpose. Why else would we be here if not to live in our element, aligned with our purpose, for our benefit and the benefit of others? It can be a ‘bloom where you’re planted’ purpose like Charlie who lights up the day wherever he is. Or it can be a job related purpose like Susan’s that uses gifts and talents in harmony for the good of others. Whichever it is for you, the important thing is to know that you have a unique purpose and a set of superpowers that no one else has. It is your journey, your bliss, and your call to follow your purpose. The lives you will touch and change could set something amazing into motion that, if not for you, would never happen. You are indispensable.

Love and Peace to you!


Terry Barnett-Martin, LMFT                                                                                                              True Purpose Counseling                                                                   http://www.truepurposecounseling.com